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Isla Mujeres bound

A & E ❤️ (at Isla Mujeres  Cancun - Mexico)

Some more photos from the wedding aka the best day of my life. (It seriously turned out amazing)


We got married!

Me and my wife’s wedding was so beautiful.

I’m officially a married man. 🙊

My wife throwing her bouquet for the hopeful bride mates.
Me and my cousin. Lulzies. ❤️ (at Side Bar)
Friends and family. ❤️ (at Side Bar)
The girls attempt at trying to catch Aileen’s bouquet. Lulzies.
Me and Aileen got married today.  Thank you everyone for showing up. I love you all. ❤️
I spy Krillin. Hehe #dbz
This one right here. 👌
That one time I made this wood cut for me and Aileen’s 4 year anniversary. Lulzies.
YMCA bachelor party lol (at Capitol Pub)
I don’t wanna be obamas elf